Monday, January 31, 2011

Meatloaf---coming soon!

Well, I am not posting this recipe because it was not a hit with the husband. I liked it but I think I could make it a lot better. I am going to play with this recipe and make it better before I post it. Erik couldn't even choke down one serving....he said it was more of a texture thing and he isn't a huge meatloaf fan. My dad has a killer meatloaf recipe that i am going to try and remember. I say I will try and remember because he just throws things in and mixes it up....all from his head. He never makes the exact same meatloaf twice. I am using turkey instead of ground beef. One of the comments Erik used while eating it was "its TOO healthy" That could be the only problem. I did throw in 3 cups of chopped spinach and the recipe did not call for any spinach. I need a new guinea pig to try out my that isn't quite so picky.

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